Website Administration Services

  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Monthly Reporting, Performance Metrics, Traffic Analysis
  • Backup and Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery Planning, Regular Backups
  • Compliance and Legal
    • GDPR Compliance, Privacy Policy Updates
  • Content Management
    • Blog Post Management, Media Management, Regular Updates and Revisions
  • Design and Layout Changes
    • Customization and Updates, Graphic Design Services, Mobile Optimization
  • E-commerce Management
    • Order Processing and Customer Management, Payment Gateway Integration, Product Listing and Updates
  • Email and Newsletters
    • Newsletter Campaigns, Subscriber Management
  • Hosting and Domains
    • DNS Management, Domain Registration and Renewal, Hosting Setup and Maintenance
  • Plugin and Extensions
    • Installation and Configuration, Updates and Maintenance
  • Security Management
    • Comprehensive Security Audits, Malware Detection and Removal, SSL Certificate Management
  • SEO Management
    • Keyword Research and Strategy, On-Page Optimization, RankMath Integration
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Billing Transparency

Our billing structure includes a base charge for the first hour of service, which is $50.00 on weekdays and $60.00 on weekends and holidays. After the initial hour, additional time is billed in 15-minute increments. Please note that each issue is considered a separate task, and billing will start a new 15-minute increment for each task.